Pssst….you’re falling right into the Trap're falling right into the trap
     Your tears of.   J o y
               Dancing.   In   S t r e e t s
          Your perceived high. In tell i gence
               You.  Are. Clamoring. Inside the ploy
                    You are Meat for the feast 
You dangle
          From the Chain of a stopwatch
                  Toc tic tocking down
                      The Game.  Has just begun
                           You failed the test
                   With every attack and fact
The beast grows larger and swallows you
                       There are no winners
                                   InDigNations fate is spinning
                And you are trapped in the vortex
                       Of Assimilation at astounding rate
            The rage will bleed     From 
                  Self proclaimed Victims
And the Agitators 
      Will do what they have always done
          Incite the Masses
                  Who cry.   Tears.   Of.  Joy.  Now
               Tears of terror and hatred later
As the beast they feed within themselves
         Turns its ugly head
                As the red hand rises
                     And the fist attempts to strangle
What's left
      Of an Organic.   Human.  heartbeat
And You
            Danced in the streets 
                Believing you defeated the beast
But the Mirror
                   Of the I
                        Is terrifying
When you finally look inside 

 .....and like all things
 Those whose I sees
 Sees its own reflection in the words
 Of my inflection
 The insurrection  
 Is not a Blue Beacon of Hope
 Is not a Removal of Terror
 Is a PreScripted Lip of the Lie
 Whose Inception Lies
 Beyond and Before these  
 Of our current clime
 ....... Ask the Russians when the Red Fist Rose
 In pretense of the Common Man
 What common Thread. Linked. The Leaders
 Who incited the violence that pretended to be a Revolution
 For the People.....
 That pretended to Overthrow The Beast....
 Order. Out. Of. Chaos
 The Agenda.  
 The iMages Descending
 All means of reception of the Signals
 Programs. Fed
 To the little lambs
 Sleep in the same Cell
 Into the Lame Shells of Skin  
 No longer Strong enough
 To keep out the Deception
 To keep in the
 Of the Infection  
 The Scroll has been Rolling out
 The Polling and Dual
 Unfolding the Lie
 From so deep inside
 For so many Aeons
 But hey...... This is the precipice
 Where the Stakes of the Game
 Are aFlame. With the Burning Sages of Our Time.....
 Infection 20/20
 The Blindfolds  
 And Masked Mouths
 As the Crowds prepare
 To tear out their own hair
 As a pretend reSistance But  

copyright Charleen Johnston
 That's the very desperate seeking that steps right into the manifold monsters  
 And the reason it always works
 You've been Led step by step down the dark passageway  
 To form those very thoughts in your brain
 To justify  
 What lies ahead
 Desperation is the Opiate of the Masses
 When the age-old-impasse
 Saturates the Screen
 And tears you from the soft slumber of where you believe you've been

   Mind your  s
 As I's are Mined
 Step Away from Ties that Bind
 Yous to truths which
 Are forged in Hues
 Of Reds and Blues
 And 'you must choose'  
 The Wolf who shows he is a Wolf is less dangerous than the wolf who dresses up in Grandmas Clothes and lies in a sweet bed waiting
 He has a Wide Mouth
 That Jars
 The Soul
 When the Red Hood that Covers the Head of
 The Tender Food Slips
 From the Body of the Warm Sweet Victim
 Who chooses to dance thru the Dark Forest  
 So desperate....
 ....She chooses not to look at the path around her
 Strewn with the Bones
 Of all the Scared Hearts
 Who skipped so
 Down the same Road