BlissNinja Playground

my Individual stitch in the fabric of SpaceTime…

A playful patchwork in the woven web where I share my Self and offer the fruits of my Journey through Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, Spirit…the Creatrix, Initiatrix, and Psychopomp Trickster of the Matrix

Follow the Creatrix to my art and creative expressions that take Form in a variety of ways. Initiatrix will lead to my forays into the Alchemy of Self and all the many ways Ive played and continue to play with this aspect of my Being. Seamstrix leads to my journey through the shamanic art of fabricating clothing and costumes. LinguisticTrickster is my offerings of poetry and the written word, as well as spoken word pieces. My B(e)Log is where I will add my stream of consciousness expressions and will meander through all sorts of wild terrain, my aim to provoke your synaptic maps to expand their connections and encourage a more flowing relationship to Matter and PatterN…..or MaMa and PaPa….in a playful and passionate embrace of AllThatIs… The Jesters Playground is a portal to my ongoing obsession with bringing the Jesters to life in various ways. Im distilling my own little cosmology 😉

Latest from the Blog

We Think In Between The Joints

“We think in between the joints”Entire universes spread out like TimeAs Space hides Selves lost in socketsAnd held in rhyme, woven…wrenchedFrom the mind and hidden in pocketsWithin the spine, the hips,The Shouldered relationshipsThat bear the burden of OtherWays, to know here, to feel, hearAnd peel clear of stagnant flesh…Just one. More.Deep. Breath.Laying prone in aContinue reading “We Think In Between The Joints”


Ding dong it’s here again…:The cyclic toc of where and whenThe scythe of Time below the skinAs Mirror Minds its crimes within

Thing One

The Thing isIt’s never quite so simple as BlissAs lips part to whisper the kissOf creationElation drips in desperate twistsOf sensationBuried in Underground CellsAs maps to hellTurn ink to anger and SelfTo StrangerHiding from the empty shellOf dangerAs One ThingBecomesAnOther CLJ 4-7-22

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