Creatrix. Pen/Ink and Watercolor on paper… 18×24. Charleen Johnston 2005


creātrīx f (genitive creātrīcis, masculine creātor); third declension

  1. A female who brings forth or produces; a mother.
  2. A female founder, authoress, creatrix.

And, in my Playground, the Jesters Chessboard, I will add a further meaning and weaving of this wonderful word with my other favorite….Trickster….So, A Creatrix is, in my Cosmology, Trickster Who Creates, One who Brings Forth Thru “playfully disrupting normal life and then re-establishing it on a new basis.” I am not going to go into my full dissertation on all of what the Jester is or means here, as this page is dedicated to the Creation aspect of myCellves in Play. There is A wonderful exploration of some connections between the Jester and the Shaman , and soon I will begin unraveling the threads linguistically to show my own personal Conceptions and Perceptions and Inceptions of this Energy, as it is the focal Archetype of my current Life.

Below are just a small fraction of the Jesters I have hatched in the Playground, and I will keep the costuming creations to my other page, the Seamstrix…..This is just an example of the archetypal Trickster energy I like to Costume and Bring to life, but it is present in all the things I Create or Form, Whether it be clothing, masks, visual art, poetry and spoken word, Improv Dance and Visual Storytelling, and photography, and even Drumming. There isnt a Manner of Creating that I dont enjoy, and they all seem to wrap themselves around my Core, becoming the Tools in which I Create MySelf into Being, by Playing the C(h)ords of Space and Time on the Chessboard of Mind and Body. ~ I am Playing at Being, I am Playing at Seeing, I am Playing at Being…inDeed~

Bumblebee Jester, Darkwood Jester, ), Original Jester, Spinning Chrysanthemum Jester, Initiatrix JEster, optical illusion jester (Click the name to see the Jester in Play)

This Page will be the portal of Entry to all the Arts and Creations I indulge in that ISNT costuming or clothing. I will also, over time, be adding and sharing my forays into the Alchemizing of my Vessel in this current TimeLine, the most basic obsession of mine (consciously)since age 19, and even before that, albeit in ways I did not understand. The Real and True Creation,the Essence, is the Alchemy of Self. All other Threads dangle from that one Womb and tangle in the tatters of the Tomb. We truly are such magical and mysterious Beings, containing AllofExistence within our very Cellves….My LifesWork, my Opus, My Cosmology is Unfolding and Enfolding these inFinite Stories and Codes and Tunes and Tones into ever-more-InTensely Aware Offerings of Spirit, the Initiatrix…… inSides And Wide Angles of the Matrix….Matter…..Mother….in Patterns and Patr of Fathers Fecundating Seed. inDeed.

Aching to Pupate InJestion. Pencil on paper. 18×24. Charleen Johnston 2005

Please check back for the incoming Galleries in progress.

Blissings xx

.My own photo edit of a picture taken by Marlin Johnson of Oola Mar bodypainting me, in 2001…….

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