…Miss Arachne swallowed the lightning and spun a web in the sky, she danced and dreamed and sewed the Seams into a single I …

…this is my Gallery of Clothing and Costumes. Seaming is interwoven into everything I do….I consider myself a Patchworker of Dreams….I pull disparate parts together in new and playful ways, whether my base material be Fabric, Thoughts, Feelings, or Movements. I am Self Taught, a Self Taut InTensions of Multiple DiMensions playing with the poles of the Line, the Cycles of the Sine, the Twists of the Twine. When I create clothing or costumes, I almost always use reCycled materials. These pieces of clothing or fabrics hold the Stories of those who have Worn them or used them. I can feel these stories, they whisper to me, they scream at me, they want to be redeemed, reDeemed necessary and functional. Torn apart at the seams and merged with other Pieces of the dream, and reFashioned into a new expression. A more fun and unique, quirky, comfortable, playful and passionate arrangement. This process is not unlike the deeper mysteries of Spirit clothing itself in the garments of Body….The Soul is in the Seams….the Memories of the places in which we have Grown Together, Come Apart, Merge and DiVerge and play as inFinite Stars of the Dream. The 5 most basic elements of Fabrication are Scissors, Needle, Thread, Fabric, and the Self Who guides the Seams. The Fabric itself, is made up of Thread, and one could say that in taking the fractal deeper to source, the Loom is the higher octave of ‘fabric’. The Loom is the primordial structure on which the warp and weft of the the threads of Self are woven. That initial fabrication then becomes the malleable material in which we Play. But lets not go too deep quite yet.

 Definition of Seam~

1a : the joining of two pieces (as of cloth or leather) by sewing usually near the edge b : the stitching used in such a joining 2 : the space between adjacent planks or strakes of a ship 3a : a line, groove, or ridge formed by the abutment of edges b : a thin layer or stratum (as of rock) between distinctive layers also : a bed of valuable mineral and especially coal irrespective of thickness c : a line left by a cut or wound also : wrinkle 4 : a weak or vulnerable area or gap found a seam in the zone defense at the seams : entirely, completely falling apart at the seams

A deep Visual reCognition of these elements will lead one through a meditative journey through the process of Creation ItSelf. And the fancier, quicker, mechanical Sewing Machines are still intrinsically true to this Fractal Process. I am not going to go into detail of this Shamanic Undertaking here, but will save for a more eloquent expression so that I can do it justice. The important thread of these thoughts for now, is that when I sew, I am participating in a process that is as Ancient and Eternally New as the Self Who Seams, to Be. So each piece of clothing I send out into the world, is made from a Space of Meditation and Flow, and is akin to a motley crew of Soul Sparks playing together in a new Vessel, a patchwork of fabrics and feelings and stories that recombine to tell new Tales….and it is my Intention to transfer some of the bliss and Wonder I experience in the creation, to the person who clothes themselves in the Raiment.

I take this process a step further when I create costumes……this is a Sacred act for me, I feel the Power of the Creator as I breathe Life into a Being, a Being who has its own existence already, elsewhere, and who is, essentially, the Self Created…..for these Beings Conceive themSelves in the Space Between WhatIs and What IsNot and guide my hands, guide my impulses, as I reSieve them…they beckon me to Midwife them into this Reality, to give them Form, to build a shape around the blueprint of what they are, already, invisibly so, to me, and I sew the seams into a single I, who Sees this Play of light and shadow from its own Frame of bliss and sorrow, dancing through yesterdays and tomorrows on the Stage of Time. I am The Jester, the Marionette, the Mime…. who lets Go my Original Myth, my Story of Self, for magical moments in Oder, to bring Chaos to the abyss of reMembrance as all those I’s that Look into the Great See and Swim the Waves as Particular Me~s.

To ReCieve the Spirit inForm….inFormAtion…inFormAt.ion…To ReSieve…The Spirit From Form….to PerCieve….go through the Sieve and Get. It. See?

-Cieve= ‘to get’ ~ -Sieve :an instrument with a meshed or perforated bottom, used for separating coarse from fine parts of loose matter, for straining liquids, etc., especially one with a circular frame and fine meshes or perforations.

Re-=which means “back” or “again, Con-=“with” or “thoroughly,”, Per-=THROUGH.

(It is all Seamingly ConNected……though It Seams Not To Be…..)

The Crazy Train Jester….after hatching. I like to think of the process of hatching my Jesters or characters as pulling them through the Seams….

remembrance…reMemberAndSee…remnantsoftheDance….ReMembraneSee….REMembrace….EmbersBranch…RememberImBrainSee… ReMeEmbrace….play with the linguistic threads and put yourCellf together in playful Ways, playful Waves of Sovereignty.



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