In Dancing Fractals of Wonder….Playing with my Disguise…I wander through the Ethers….Seaming You~s and I~s

my eyes were pierced and bled me dry 
the light too bright for me oh my 
waiting for the hole to close 
to claim the truth in a fatal dose 
of dancing dreams on morning dew 
subtle whispers that connect to you 
my heart was blinded by the glow 
of all the worlds within the flow 
and as the essence rose to speak 
i felt the teardrops on my cheek 
where oh where has my little world gone 
up so high and right so wrong 
that only loving is living to me 
that only giving is something free….

This is, in Essence, where I gather the threads of my journey of Embodiment. Down many paths I have wandered…through many dreams I have played… as many selves I have pondered…the Partic(U)le(Are) Points of the Wave.

The Alchemy of Self….the source of all my Art and Expressions, the Intention behind all my Actions, the only Game worth playing on this Fractal Stage.

The synthesis of all my thoughts, the Intensity of all my feelings, the Integrity of my Form, in the spaciousness of my Being.

The Initiation of Awareness into every greater and more Fluid realms.

photo edit by Eddie Mason

My journey with Buugeng Flow Arts (my serpent sineWaves) and other explorations of the Body, Dance, Ritual, Sound, Rhythm and Physical Alchemy

My journey with Astrology, Tarot, and Occult and Symbolic Alchemy.

My journey with the Dreamtime and ‘Out-of-Body’ states

My journey with Nature in all her permutations and Wonder.

My journey with Pregnancy, Birth, and Motherhood

My journey with Food, Nourishment, and Natural Healing

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