Hello Fellow Dreamers in the Web of Woven Wonders! My name is Charleen Johnston i.e BlissNinja ShamanPunk, and Im attempting to synthesize my Seamings here into one Space in this TimeLine. For Now, Here are the links to my other places of play in the Net.

Etsy Shop: If you see something you like, but would like to deal directly, just let me know!!!!! Hoping to have my shop active here in the future.

youtube channel: I have very few subscribers, I rarely tag videos, so if you like my strange expressions, hit the subscribe button and the bell for notifications to stay up to date with my new adventures.

Instagram: I am not very active here, but there are some cool posts archived.

facebook: I dont have any other social media and probably wont be adding them any time soon, but I do regularly post here both with my clothing creations and other forms of expression.

I am also highly involved with the Warehouse Art Gallery, and my clothing collections can be found there as well as listed to Etsy. Check out and Like the gallery Facebook Page!!!