Ah, the attempt to script what would seem to be, just a thought or just a dream…..was….Me

{Some fragments of old journals with writing and art}

I am a creature who compulsively creates, and impulsively expresses. I also Inspress, delighting in the eternal internal wor(l)ds that become the vehicle of my spirit through TimeSpace. I get overwhelmed when I try to compile the body of work from my 40 years thus far in the Wilderness of this dream. But I have determined that I cannot proceed with new endeavors til I have honored those things which have sprung from my Being. I am a chosen Fool, the Jester inGesting synaptic sparks and transcribing the flame into Stories and rhymes that invite the mind to play. The trickster that swims between the seams, neither this nor that, but All Things. I write in a stream of consciousness style, almost never editing, and flowing with what wants to be spoken through me. I love to play with language, and through my tricks, to pull others into Seeing through my eyes the majesty and magic of the mirror of mind, and to come with me on an adventure of Self…..Words are WorLds and We are made of Stories and Songs and we can deCode this playground in so many ways! I will structure this page with sub-pages that are sorted as Collections from various time periods. All writing is copyrighted by me, and if you feel called to share my work, please give credit and link back to my site. Blissings!!!!!!

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pen/ink 2006

The following Titles will lead to a separate page for each collection of poetry, listed from most recent to earliest.

  • Apoptosis (January 2021-
  • BlindSight is 2020 (January 2020-December 31 2020)
  • Crucible (2006-December 2019)
  • Persephones Descent (2004-2006)
  • Spinning Worlds Within Myself (2002-2004)
  • Waking the Dream til the Dream Wakes Me (December 1999-2002)
  • Though Shalt Not Have Life (September 1998-December 1999)
  • The Smile precedes this Parody of Me (All my young poetry til 9-1998)

The Following are other pieces of writing including essays and other rants and journalistic entries.

  • yet to come

Various Spoken Word Videos

  • yet to come

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