Are you really so shocked?

 ....are you really so Shocked?.....
 That the Medical Profession has 'become' the inquisitors and prison guards in this farce of a social CONstruct....
 The Masses Suddenly terraFied that that they are losing their Right to say No to the Imposition.....

 ........ Nothing happens overnight

 This clock has been tocking steadily,
 'He who controls the Endocrine System controls the Man'........
 No understanding? 
...That the entire lead up to having nearly every single human alive in this realm Addicted to some Endocrine Altering substance, 
dependent on medications and Pills and Monthly checkups 
and a system of voluntarily giving up ones Immense Power 
by subscribing to this Game of Sickness and inHealth....
all this Tampering and Getting the People to Feel Helpless without the superPowers of these Doctors of Hypocrisy, 
and now finding that this very system is the prismGuard Outline to the Collectivized State of Decline..... 

Get in Line.... 

For your Shots and your begotten Permission to exist in this Time....

 Psychological Pills and Poisons to keep you Straight....
In A Line, no swerving with The Curves of the Divine .....
 There's a Drug for everything,
 every single state of Being, DieAgnosed......
Die Agnostic and Die a Slave....
 Fighting against your own Maater Mother Matrix 
of Cells and Flesh as the Professors Bells are ringed 
and dong dinged and crash through the boundary of everything  

 You hold dear

 Fearing your own Body
 you Saturate your Mind in Fear
 and spend life looking for the FIX
 Everyone has their drug of choice
 Pharma Cope Yeah!?
 Terra Form Verified in Perfect Storms Magnified to Raise the Tide
 Of -First Do No Harm-

 It hasn't been sudden,  
 My bedFellows, my Sad Pillars of this Decaying Dream

 You have been corralled for so long that it has become Nature, 
the thought of losing the Comfort Ably Numb Grip on the bottom rung 
of this Ladder of Lies....
 Two DemonEyes 
peering out from the white coats that make your rules.......
New Seeds that Splice your life Genes
 into Devices that Seal the Deal .....  
 You've downloaded the Program, code by code, 
your body is not your own
 It is owned. 
By the corporation of medical castration  
 Your hormOnes have been usurped for so long
 you believe you are owed
 a guaranteed Fix. 
Of the broken bricks that crumble in the Wall


 How long it took to actually get to  
 This apPointMent. 
The Minds Point is an I.
 That Sees and dreams and creates Scenes to be played out
 If you live in Fear of your own Body/Matter/Mother/Maat/Matrix
 You will downLoad the Fear
 of the World that's been Homogenized for you....
 And you will be controlled
 One. Way. Or. Another
 Your capacity to be Free and Health(I)
 Is in direct proportion  
 To the Degree of Fear of the Body of the Earth Herself
 Wake and see you walk in the corridors of Her Veins
 Interfacing with a Master of Creation in an eternal invocation
 and supernal invitation
To Play in this Game of Imagination

 But first

 Take back your End(o)Crine System
 And collapse the IndoctrinAt.ion of This Dimension
 The WhiteCoats and Syringes 
cannot Enter the Sacred Sphere 
of A Wildly Free and Sovereign Server in this Collective PlayStation
 One....... Who knows ....Who and What
 One Is...... 
Who knows...... One is..... The Point.....
 In the Center ......
 Of All. 
 Copyright Charleen Johnston