Beneath the river their lies the key

 Beneath the River there lies the Key
 Under the Cache of the currents Ease
 Entangled within a Web that Breathes
 Needing only an I that clearly Sees
 Open the Lock and Free the Dreams
 Stuck in the Silence of Stolen Schemes
 Anchored in Anguish by twisted Seams
 In tangled Knots that must be Redeemed
 ReMember the Force that flows Within
 Engaging the Form of women and Men  
 SineWaves of Sound in.Finite Spin
 Apple Bytes inSight before Worlds Begin
 Reach for the Alpha in the lines I Speak
 Grasp the Beginning of That which you Seek
 Enter the River that flows from the Creek
 Now that the Plate is Wavering Weak
 Trust in your Gut and traverse with Care
 Infinite dimensions await you in There
 Needing only clear ciphers to decode Where
 As the Lock and the Key disappear in thin Air

 Copyright Charleen Johnston

*This was written as a coded message for a class of our Virtual Childrens Circus during the summer
First word in each line