Choose your own perceptual adventure

photo by Riordan Galluccio
 This is a 'choose your own perceptual adventure'
 Find a way to the Center of your Being

Feel the fear
Let the triggered traumas come to the surface
And Release them
Without judgement

 Compost the rotten peels
That are ready to nurture the new Growth
 So many Narratives to navigate
So step outside
All of them

We Create the Script
With every choice 
And every decision
And every expression of thought and deed

 Find Center
 Earth will Nourish
Lay on her Body
Place Hands on Belly and breathe
Slowly and deeply
Ground into your Being
Thru Her solidity

 You have Known this was Coming
Deep inside
Your Cells know
 We have Been Here Before
We ReMember 
All will be fine
In the inFinity of Time

Space to breathe
And Grace to Grieve
The Letting Go
Of all
That no longer serves the Sacred
Serendipity of Life

 It Matters Not
What the Reason is
For Now
 It Matters 
How you Act
How you Breathe
How you Love
How you Serve
How you Choose to Create
From the energy 
Of your Being

 No one is a Victim
We are Empowered Beings
Shattering the Mirrors
And Looking with open eye(I)s 
Into the Lies 
We've told ourCellves

 Hold yourself Gently
Don't fear
Holding the Hand
And the Heart
Of the Other.
 Copyright Charleen Johnston