Crucified within the Collective Train

Photo by Mollee McWhorter as train spontaneous passing in a moment of neurolinguistic symbolic inscription
 I Am Crucified within the Collective Train
Of Conviction
The Northern and Southern Poles of Pain
In Polarized Contradiction 
The cycles of Time laid out in Linear 
Laws of seduction
I will Ride the Stallions of Sovereign power
To my Own Destruction
I will Play the Role of the Queen of Being
In archetypal Resistance
As the Oppressive weight of Future and fate 
Dissolve in Cyclic Transcendence
The Railroad is laid out and scripted in
Iron Intention
While Stallions of Power in Nerves that
Have flowered
Will Turn away from History and Convention
 Copyright Charleen Johnston 

Brittonic Queen Boudicca (Latinised as Boadicea), a great British heroine whose statue stands today on Westminster Bridge opposite Big Ben, ruled the Iceni tribe with King Prasutagus.
NorFolk= Northern Folk

The Script is CoAuthored by AllSelves

Wherein the Images In the Mirror Dwell