Get the Goggles ready my friends

 Get the goggles ready my friends, 
the mind boggling dead ends 
and hidden grins
 make the head spin 
as the tail end of this treachery 
tiptoes thru the trajectory of time
 in drip drops of fine wine 
and crumbling thought-crimes
 and righteous Sages 
aged with rage 
that reprimand the wandering Mage
 who wages unHoly war
 against the blank page 
of this torn Story.... 
The silent stage
 upon which our Shame
 Plays out
 in bashful blues and blissful hues
 of everything we seek to lose, 
beneath the flesh, 
beneath the glue... 
I bequeath the Quest to you, 
my friends, 
no rest for the Blessed
 when the message descends, 
rendering the sender in shadowy Intent
 that festers in blisters
 that come to a head 
when resistance Begins...
Copyright Charleen Johnston