How gloriously the We hold tightly

photo by WIlfred Hernendez

 How gloriously the We hold tightly
To desperate dreams
Of victimhood
Clinging to the seams of Right
And Left Wings
Born from Memes 
Painted with Blood
How magnificently the program
Takes hold
The lies and cries and
Ties that Bind
Are blinding in their bitter goodbyes
As the foothold of ones soul
Is Lost to the magic Mold
The cost of freedom
As minds are bought and sold
How shocking to watch the wounds
Peel and pry the tombs
From the loom 
As the Masters spin 
The tunes and Rip the song
From the Mothers womb
Inverting the Music of men
And women who jump too soon
Into the abyss 
Of That & This
Baring bleeding fists of rage
Undisciplined Shifts
Of the gears and the twists
Of the fears that seed 
The Shadows sweet Mirrors...
Shattered Stewards of this New Age
Oh how the We holds so intently
To the identity
Of being the victim 
As the Sick Dictum grips their mind
And erodes the Codes
Born in Time
Into imploding roads of crime
And sideWinds into highs
Of euphoric rhetoric built from blind
Adherence to inferior minds
That Pride themselves on
GroupThink Size of Lines
Drawn in sand
Glass eyes staring blankly
In artificial bands of Light
Splintered thru the cells
In fight or flight
Wherein the We Dwells
So terrified
And paralyzed 
And petrified like stone
Afraid to See the Wounds
Have been born from their own
Hiding itSelf in the Dreams
That damage
The minds and the Mes
Of the Corpus
That creates 
Always and AllWays Dwell
In the Deeper See
Beyond the Shell
EmPowered by the Currents
No need to Buy and Sell
Or trade Souls in Hell
In proclamations of Victimhood...
The We is a Me that Speaks in Blood
The Time is nigh 
The Waters are Tears and Cries
Shall Flood
From the Fountain of Freedom
That Springs from the Heart
Of Mud
The Infinite Art of the Earth
As she Births the Beginning 
A deep sweet Breath
As the New Day Begins.  

 Copyright Charleen Johnston

“Causes….. Know what your jumping into “
“this is your brain on PreScripted Reality Highs”

Where do you fill YOUR Pre.Script.Ions?

photo by Riordan Galluccio