How many ways can they tell you

 How many ways can they tell you
 You're mask has been Pulled over your eyes
 How many ways can they sell you
 An ever-expanding pack of lies
 How many days will you cower
 Watching the Programmed Baloney
 How many mazes will you follow
 Before you realize the Drama is phony
 How many scripted media inserts  
 Will rewrite the disc drive of your mind
 How many more strings will be pulled
 As the marionette continues to dance blind
 How many ways can the mirror
 Of this phantasmagorical realm reflect
 That looking for Saviors is an Error
 A deeply programmed and nourished defect  
 How many Moments will you Fear to Live
 As the Actors Toy with your Mind
 How many torments can you forgive
 Before you cut the Lies that Bind
 The Truth of your Power is Deep and Thick
 Within your body and heart and soul
 This theatre of light is simply a Trick
 To help You reMember your Authentic Role
 The Truth of your Self is ready to Know
 How to awaken from the coma
 The Truth of your Being is ready for Seeing
 And ready to partake of the Soma

 copyright Charleen Johnston