I am Perched upon a Precipice of Power

 I am perched upon a precipice of power
 Am peering patiently into this passing hour
 The tocking time that tics up my spine
 Staff of sovereignty claiming Heart and mind
 Of the fluid and fluctuating seams I was born
 Hermes psychopomp between the worlds
 I straddle horizons between wake and dream
 Am flowing in glowing neural streams  
 The initiation of Jestation in Times domain
 Quicksilver deliverer who delves into Pain
 Flow inTense Knowing inSense Saturation
 I humbly accept growing adept in Saturns Fixation
 Am making my Vow to die in Battle, reborn
 The oath of Thoth, from the womb Torn
 Messenger who travels thru Linguistic threads  
 Of synaptic rapture as bliss of bodies embed
 Mind and Time and Space and Rhyme
 I spin the serpent staffs in waves of Sine  
 Am oozing thru this glowing glue of fluid truth
 The ether twists of Knowing age and youth  
 Trickster Playing games with pure perception  
 Who pries open I~s asleep to deception  
 Sews and grows the stitches and seams
 The flowing roads to the richest of dreams
 Patterns the passions and purpose and pain
 Into Mattered Moments moving thru Veins
 Faces and games and containers for rain 
 And mysteries magic sacred and profane  
 Names and numbers for all but the One
 I am the messenger who delivers the Sun
 Am the swift footed father of playful Pan
 The temptation of sensation of magic Man  
 Initiate to mind as it moves thru Ether
 Who loosens the noose of Io~s tight tether  
 Twists the fists with his serpent staves
 Matter in patterns of particle and wave
 Into lifetimes and light rhymes and bold
 Spaces for grace and beauty to unfold
 To honor the throne as Jester to the king
 Play is the way and light is the plaything  
 The maze is a stage for unraveling dazed
 Neural pathways entwined in minds haze
 Codes imploding from outmoded games
 Awakening hearts shaken from shame  
 Within this shared co.creative dance
 As the quake of the year breaks the trance
 Lunar reflection, the Mage in the mirror
 Nodes of infection engage the terror
 Square and circle , point and line
 The marriage of heaven and hell in time
 Spin the wheel and find the center
 Of Beings great Beauty, now Enter
 Plural passions are all just passing  
 Roads of fashioned masks of Essence
 That make you forget your Eternal Flame
 Begin This Moment and ReMember your name
 And even the Time of unveiling will Be
 End and Beginning, infinitely Free
 In joyful prelude to a new swim in the See
 Twisting Tendrils of trickster Hermes
 Synods of souls Alive in the Flesh
 Again and again our minds enmeshed  
 And I am the psychopomp of pain and play  
 Again I Am, Jester Gestating the New Day.

copyright Charleen Johnston  
 First Word In Each Line Holds the Fractal Of my Rhyme

 BlindSight is 2020, Farewell Waker of Beauty