I Bore mySelf into this world

photo by Siro Soliani
I bore mySelf into this World
Knowing the task at hand
I wore the mask of childhood 
And played the Game again
I nightly left this physical realm
To reMember how to Fly
I suffered through hardship and pain
To Strengthen my heart and Mind
I made the game into a Play
And challenged my gifts and guides
I wandered thru mazes dark and grey
And found the treasures Inside
I lost mySelf in forays of fear
When I tried to run from my power
I struggled thru paths strange and unclear
While constructing an ivory tower
I let mySelf die on an alter of Fire
And tore illusions from my Skin
I fell into Death while struggling for breath 
As I battled my demons within
I laughed with freedom as I awoke
From Aeons of blame and Shame
That tangled itself around my shell
And strangled the magic of my Name
I wept for my friend who could not stay
Whose bones I wear with honor
I held his face in Dimensions of Space
And promised I would Die Honest
I screamed aloud into the clouds
Every night by Forest and river
I spoke the words from my mouth
In streams of gold and silver
I made my oath and signed in blood
And faced the mirror of the Dream
'I Vow To Die In Battle' , I cried
And fell to the Ground on my knees
I Let my tears seep into the Dirt
And Dug thru the deep with my hands
I crawled thru the humus of this Earth
And was healed by the Spirit of Land
I rose with the Seed nurtured by Awe
At the glory of my own Deep power
I cradled the embryo deep in my soul
Knowing in Time it would Flower
I pledged my Life to the edge of the knife
Never to fear the dark abyss 
I promised to unFold the Seed of my soul 
Adorned in the fabric of beauty and bliss
I watch as the tide now starts to rise
And reMember how the script unravels
I shout out loud to shock the crowds 
Who cannot see the road they travel
I speak in Tongues but not to ears
And twist mySelf into Stories and rhyme 
I wear the neurolinguistic Nails
In wrists and feet impaled with Time
I vow to Die in Battle
I vow to die Free
The chessboard is the Master Test
Of the Blessed Will to Be

copyright Charleen Johnston