I wander thru this mindField of Gloom

 I wander through this mindField of Gloom
Have the Flock been ushered into Doom?
Lost amid the tangled Trickery of Time
All wrapped up in a comfort of Lies
Patience they say....as intelligence Wavers
In the hearts and minds of digital enSlave(r)s
This program of poisonous passive reception 
Raid the 'waders-thru-swamps-of-deception'
On our knees submitting to the signal
Our self-enforced isolation just a devious sigil 
Essence eroding through EMF corroding 
Thou shalt be punished for cypher decoding 
Shalt be ostracized for refusing the game
Not all of the Mirrors are shattered the same
Dictate your World through action and Intent
Masochistic mindVirus offers this Gift
Obeisance is death to the sovereign spirit 
Happy is the heart who sees thru the mirror
Equinox Eyes sees Natures gift clearer....

 Copyright Charleen Johnston