In the Daze to come

 In the Daze to Come, it's the Flesh and Blood
 Of Friends and Family
 That will embrace your trembling heart
 And Not your manipulated iDeals
 I See You
 Pushing away to the edge of the Maze
 The very Allies
 Who have walked with You in this Play
 The Line wasn't Drawn by You
 It was Spliced into Genes
 In Deep Red and Blue Memes
 As a Trigger for Figuring In the Truth
 But You step across
 The Divide
 And Toss The Flesh and Blood Aside
 Denying the Of
 And Pater of Stacked Cards
 In a shuffled Pack  
 And Forget Who You Are.

 I'll be standing inside the ink that draws the lines
 Whispering words to remind
 That the Dreams we Seed
 In these Seams that Bleed
 Are the Growing Threads of the
 Heart that Beats  
 copyright Charleen Johnston