I~s are always watching

 I~s are always watching,  
 reading the Scroll...
 Ever seen the Black?Mirror episode
 'Hated in the Nation' ?
 Hashtag Deathto and everyone played along
 Believing themselves so morally superior
 And so Liber(h)ated to cause Harm to those
 Voted as worthy of being Removed
 From the Hive
 By the Drone Killer Bees....
 But.... It..... Turned.... Out.....
 That in the end
 The Joke was on them
 All of the Ones
 Who Played Along  
 Hash tagging and bashing
 And spewing hatred and venom
 And PolarEyeZing like good little
 Chess pieces
 Pawns in the DisEase  
 Tucked neatly beneath the Wing
 Of the Puppetmasters....
 In the End.....
 They were the Targets.... It was a psychological maneuver to get the BlackHearted Bullies who like to Pretend...
 To expose themselves  
 To the  ?⭐️?s of the World
 Exposing their Bitterness and Fear and  
 Projection and Vitriol
 The hooked Bait on.Line
 Spun like a Web of LiveStreams
 And HiveDreams
 'Im one of the crowd....I'm justified in my hatred
 I'm justified in my Victimhood
 The world owes me  
 I ought to be coddled and stroked
 And because I'm afraid
 I will hurl my poison at any who stand on the other
 Of the
 And it turns out
 Both sides of the Line are just mirror Images
 Lost to one another in the labarynth
 So disconnected
 So traumatized
 They traumatize others
 The Black Mirror , the Obsidian Stone
 The Tech.In.All.Of.We that pulls
 The strings and watches the Emotional
 Puppets Sing
 . Go AHead and Draw your Line
 Tiptoe and shout and scream from
 Side to side
 Of it
 The  ???s are AllWAys Watching
 And at the center of the labarynth ....
 The only thing you will be battling is the force of your own Fear and hatred and terror Staring back at you
 In a frightening Minotaur of massive proportion
 And you will recognize
 When it's too late
 ⏳⚖That it is You⌛️⚖
 copyright Charleen Johnston