Kill yourself, the Devil whispers

 "Kill yourself" the devil whispers.....
 and slowly the people stop drawing Breath...
"Prepare your Vespers and run from the lepers 
who Fear not the Figure of Death
Mount your horse and ride the steed
 into the battlefield of Of newsFeeds,
 wield the shield of (t)Reason and Zeal and 
Seed the wheel with Desperate Deeds,
 tis all you can do to safely peruse
 this Virtual Nightmare of the human Zoo..."

"Kill yourself" the devil whispers.....

And silently the people lay down in shame
"Prepare your vespers and run from the lepers 
standing Sovereign in this Scripted Game...
Bind your Will in Shining Pills
 and strip your Soul of all that Feels
 and you shall be safe in Electric Fields
 programmed with Thoughts that Yield
 the Bounty for my Final Meal, 
the Clock is Tocking 
and I am Counting Down to Seal the Deal..."

"Kill yourself " the devil whispers......

And blindly the people betray their Blood....
"Prepare your Vespers and run from the Lepers
 who Swim with Freedom in this Fraudulent Flood
Scroll and Troll and mutilate your Soul
 with impassioned  debate 
and terror of Fate 
that threatens to swallow you Whole, 
Satiate the Scripted Bait 
and Break the  Gate of the Bodies Weight 
as the Masquerade Brings you Home.....
I patiently Wait...."

Copyright Charleen Johnston