Lets take a little walk…

photo by Riordan Galluccio
Let's take a little walk through
 the Attempted Murder Stream 
of the Human Dream, 
where the program has shown
 how cowardly the average Drone is... 
Obeying the command 
from the central plan to abandon
 the touch of hands
and the physical face and feel
Of stores and community.... 
Led into an acceptance and an adoration
 of Virtual Business and Delivery 
to cut out the throat of human interaction....
 Leading speedily to the manufacture 
of cyborg crypto currents of InAction
 by factions of the False OverMind. 
No longer able to gather or play...
In any way
 That makes use of the human template...
 Instead led into the trick of online
and Netflix and 'live Stream' 
false drippings from the mkUltra
Soon to be no more tangible 'money' or trade 
but only digital Currency 
for the Digital Slave....
it's just Current... See.... 
Were being drained of any residual humanity...
 If there's no need to walk out 
of your house
 and into your town to commune
with friends
 or participate in the whatsNHows,
all you need is the digital Dollar 
to ship in your FalseLife from afar.... 
A whole new way of life 
my friends, 
policed by neighbors
and shamed by them
to obey .... Obey!!!!!! 
We are each the new Police State, 
the old Chains are changing
 and the Game is ReArranging the Electric
 Bars and Barricades... 
Look at this world we've made!!!! 
The Grid is laid further each day
 while the masses crowd
 into small cubic houses and pray.... 
For deliverance.... 
The very thing that makes us Human...
 No longer tolerated... 
Terrified faces covered in Masks
 that Silence Their voices
 and proclaim their Choice to Live
 in Fear
 of a manufactured Enemy
 that feeds on Tears and Wears
 the Emblem of Global Greed
 that reads right through 
your Texts and Screens and Woos you
 to move your Energy into prisons
 made from electric Streams of Frequency. 
The Political Parade of Incessant debates
 that proclaim Intents
 to remedy the State
 of decay that masquerade as the Nation 
that stays Hidden
 locked like Lies in closets that defy 
the light of Day....
 Pointing fingers of blame
 and pretending to be grateful
 for the Reality we've made.  

 Let's take a walk ... A virtual
Hike through the park...
 Maintaining social Distance ...
 To inoculate the souls against Resistance 
to the Diseasae 
of Fear and control.... 
A virtual Museum of Madness 
where mass consciousness
 simmers in sadness... 
They Know They Are making a Choice, 
choking their voice 
with stupid fuckin masks 
that proclaim the boisterous terror 
that has foisted this Error 
on the Individual
 Inherent Rights of Life....  

 I.... Take a walk .....
 With my face open and my mouth free,
 hands exposed to the Germs of this Dream...
I walk in forests
 and in Sad Empty streets 
Unafraid of this Covid Deciet...
 I will never Obey 
and I will never bow down
 and I'll hug my humans who are
 willing to allow 
 to remain Free and Feeling 
Creatures of Blood and Flesh 
and Blessed Vulnerability.
 I'll scream 'fire' at the tumbling tower
 that falls all around me, 
and I'll not Distance myself
 from my Humanity
 nor my Mortality....
 I live with Death as my ally, 
I choose Life and Will
 remain Free
 no matter the Cage
 the masses build with their complicity.  

 Are you a Drone? A clone?
 An empty throne 
with no Sovereign King inside
 those scared eyes?
 Or are you a Creator Being
 who takes responsibility for the script
 you're helping to weave
 in this Blessed Dream?  
 Every face on the Net and the TV
 is screaming Lies, 
turn off the Cacophony and get Outside
Get Close to each other, 
hold hands 
and kiss
 and cuddle
 and play
 and surround yourself with nature 
and DayLight and sunshine
 and let go of the Virtual Insanity 
that claims this LiveStream 
like a Viral Meme that destroys your humanity. 

Let's take a walk
 Thru the Grassy Fields and
 what Nature Yields  
 To our beautiful Individual Sovereignty!?!?
 Copyright Charleen Johnston