MediaL Nerve Damage

old painting 2001
 how so many people claim 
that health effects are not linked to EMF 
( and other noxious Implants) 
yet the state of health
 for most of the population 
 is pretty atrocious and getting worse 
day by day

. Strange.

 How the Sickened State
 of the mass of Beings
 has become so normal 
that people will fight with claws out
 to defend their Right to 
Sustained DeHumanizations Via Agents
 of Mass DisEase. 


 How normalized it is
 to be on multiple medications 
from birth
 just to try and mediate the toxic assault
 from every direction
 of disastrous Deactivation
 of An organisms
 Inherent System of bodily Regulation

 . Strange indeed. 

No ~connection~
     between Any of the things 
         happening today , 
we exist
   I suppose
       as isolated fragments
 of a forgotten wasteland 
      of morose morbidity 
          made to fear the very thing 
that Sustains
 a Beings Healthy navigation of reality ...
..Human Touch and Warmth and Connection....
 And instead have accepted en Masse
 the Prescribed barbiturate of brainwashing
 in the Virtual Fog of Technological Salvation
 via Vials of EnVitro 
      and Vanity 
          Into Veins sustained by Siri-Us Solidarity
 with A HiveMind proliferation of AI 
 being passed off as Progress 
and advancement 
and Liberal Entrancement. 

.Media(L) nerve Damage.  


Copyright Charleen Johnston