Most times I feel Weight in Lines

 most times I feel weight in Lines
 assuredly the curves have become Blind
 action to action day to day time to time
 taken inside the cold cube to find
 locally sourced minds that open to Play
 means to Ends that split and splay  
 the truth of Matter is gathered in Waves
 most Hosts in Fact are intact in Clay
 and here we go and hear me Out
 so the Seams and stitch the Sounds
 the filtered crowds are splintered thru towns
 restrictions are inflictions to Personal Power
 on top of the World Beneath the Beast
 gathering Souls for the Final Feast
 is a shattered mirror of magical myst
 devilishly reveling in Binary Bliss
 pointed. Mirror. Peripheral to this Spirit of Fear
 Charleen Johnston 8-5-20
 First word in each line, came from my friend Johnny Frechette in a facebook post