Open Wide and Take a Bite

 Open wide and take a bite, my dear
Your delirium is deep and drowning in fear
Eyes hijacked with manufactured tears
And Storylines that strangle Soul and Spirit
See the reflection within the mirror 
The terror of truth becoming clearer
Twisted tales from Aeons of Seers
Tongues outstretched to grease the gears
That tell you When and How and Where
Scream through terror Now and Here
Implanting Stories you choose to create
Thoughts are Matter and carry weight
Inside your body you birth youre fate
Your agreement to play the Game they create
Dreams are doorways and Joy is the Gate
Wake to freedom from Lies that rape
Your essence is pure and stronger than war 
Heart is the key that opens the door
Sovereign is the way , Intent is the core 
Beings at Play Playing at Being...Nothing More

Copyright Charleen Johnston

 First Word In Each Line makes a fractal of my rhyme