Play Dead said the Devil

Play dead said the devil, and they did, in fear
They wrapped their face with poisoned lace
And mapped disgrace with leaden tears
Play dead said the devil, and close your eyes
So they stitched their lids and ran and hid
And twitched and cried and begged for light
And ate the lies that they were fed
Play dead said the devil, dressed in Red
Cold and still with broken Will 
And isolate in iron gates and wait until
Fate has made the Devils bait
A foundation for the future of Pills and Kills
And Willing shills who deveState 
And speed the rate of fleshly ills. 
Play dead said the devil and wear your muzzle
The puzzled panic enDemic in this gimmick
DemonAcrobatics thick with automatic tactics
That stick the sickly crowd in homogeneous tax brackets 
with InTentsive Care packets
That shackle the scared borg factions 
Into complete submission of mind over matter
Of fact-Checkers stuck in the whack Job
Sideshow of undeniable homeWreckers
Who have mediAted crass mind control onto
The medicated masses, RedRose colored Glasses
 tipped in a salute to fascist Masters
Who cash in on disaster like fortunate Forecasters
 that blast programmed hashtags into the minds 
of all classes and kinds
Of women and men trapped in the delusions 
Of their own illusive split Ends....
The devil said play dead, and they did. 

Copyright Charleen Johnston