Reset the HeartDrive

 When the plan is to Reset the HeartDrive....  
 What is the first step?  
 Wipe the Old Files...
 Or the Old Lifes
 The Elders who hold  
 the Memory Files for the System.....  
 What we are seeing...  
 Is not a natural organic System Restore....
  It's a Forced Shutdown that overrides
  ....and disposes
  of all files not considered useful
  in the new ReVolution....
  All Things that have roots  
  to the Past and the DeoxyRiboNucleic link  
 to a Time  
 before the WipeOut and ReInsertion  
 of Altered Carbon Copies  
 of a New World  
 Ordered into compliance and dying  
 The FiveGodDiscrepency Field  
 a new terrain
  to hold the hearts in Sealed
 We watch as our Elders  
 are disposed of....  
 The Wiped Files Of the Old
 of the Golden threads.......  
 Led into the abyss  
 without a hug or a kiss
 copyright Charleen Johnston