So many still crying

So many Still crying
 over presumed ineffective leadership. 
Pleading for the beheading 
of the hydra inside the Pulpit
So many so many so many false worships
It's nauseating and suffocating
 in its pontificating Desperate inebriation 
It's calibrated to keep you jaded with deflation
Waaaa waaaa waaaa waaaa why why 
Why why why me?????'
Still locked in to the False Dream, 
giving your Power away to a mindScreen 
wearing faces of various disgraces
 you hide beneath 
It's so clear it's so clear it's so clear 
that the Fear is pulling your puppet strings
Step outside the Political 3-Ring
Circus full of shiny things....
every player on that board is just a test
 to make you more
Of Yourself
 if you can Wake from hypnosis
And trip Gnosis switch, 
be the Glitch
 in the System of which the prognosis
 is Death by Delusion 
and buried in the ditch of Collusion
Of which you participate 
As long as you fall for the incessant debate
 of who what where when did you choose
instead of the Blood of Power Within
 that gives you the Freedom 
to create in this Dream.... 
The Trump Card is a Waker and a Maker
 of Moves
 to urge you to Cater to your own deeper Truths 
The Entire program is disEased from within
the Demo(nA)cr(ob)atics
 are a plague that stinks when it sinks in,
long needle tendrils sunk deep in the Skin
Wonderful lil mirror of the Clear dystopian Plan
 of the Self 
that hides and dwells
 in minds incapable of stitching
 the Lies that Bind the Being to Ties
 of Broken Sides of the TriAngle in the Dangling Lens...
 Scroll thru the swamp of profuse self pity 
and refusal to face the dweller within
 Who points the finger at the Bringer of
 Sin(E)wave motion
 in this tidal ocean of Deeper Intent. 
Waaa waaaa waaaa why why why me
Step the Fuck up to the plate
 and unStuck yourSelf
 from the Velcro Hedgerow of Hate and Fate
 you Wove in
Every thread you strangle from 
was Stitched by you in the Loom
 and every enTangled misery was and is
 a choice that dangles eternally 
Within your reach, 
to choose and step outside the TimeLine 
 you help To create. 
I'll play the Jester as the Story festers 
and rest in the blessed Mystery of the Messenger
 and remind you of your Power
 and incredible Investments 
in this unFolding Flower.....
compassion is not a sympathetic bow
 of complacency
 nor a Silent vow of Placating beliefs....
I am not here to validate your narrative 
I'm here to twist it into That and This 
and play one side and then the Other 
To skip along the chessboard of the Mother
That nourishes the Wonder
 of this Collective Play of Self and Other.... 
I'm not speaking to the You that fears
 I'm speaking to the True Being that dwells
 in the Mirror
 of your Seeing 
the New Feeling that's birthing through
 the Intensity of Living the accumulation and delivery 
of all the painful Visions
 of your Participation in Actions 
asserted since the 'Beginning of Time'
You see
It was you and me,
 in this hemi.sphere 
playing with Fears and Facing Years 
of Carnal satiation ,
 dancing with Sensation for the sake of Creation....
 We All set in motion the rotation of the Angled 
of Power in Number and Prayer in Pain, 
whispers of Memory in Tears and Rain ...
Moments of Misery can never Stain
 the Deepest Spirit of Self
 nor maim 
the secret Dwelling of Awareness that Molds the Game. 
Take Responsibility 
for the woven web and the Blood
 we've Shed 
as myriad Me.s in Minds of dread , 
wandering souls in the land of the dead.
 We face our own feats
in mirrors of deceit and
what a trip it is Being Here Now.  
 Blissed Be, my Sacred Family
Sip the nectar of infinity 
And Grow the Seed
You fleshed yourSelf to Be

 Copyright Charleen Johnston