Sucking the Teat of Culture

photo by Marie-Therese Mackle , Ireland 2004
 Are you still sucking the teat of culture, 
consuming without discernment, 
satiating your distorted senses 
and then scapegoating Reality
 and wallowing in self pity
 when you see 
your Self
 refracted and bent in the Mirror
 of your World?  


 Are you Alive
 and Discerning
 and FullFilled with enough Energy 
and InSight 
to shower your Culture and your Fellow
 Creating instead of Consuming, 
taking ResponseAbility for your Distortions
 and Waking every day
 into a Reality that you Nurture
 and which nurtures you in return, 
in the dark Roots
 Of your Being, 
without a Victim Mentality
 and with no SelfPity, 
allowing Clear communication
 from the You 
on the other side
 of the Mirror?  

 Stop the Cacophony and Center the Spindle
And you just might hear
 the Whispers
That have been Speaking You
 Into Existence.....
 Copyright Charleen Johnston