The Critical Degree

 ...since the Architect knows that a small percentage of people won't accept the Matrix, he gives them an alternate universe to live in: "real" life in Zion....and they don't even know that they are really still in a larger matrix. They just keep occupied fighting an enemy instead of waking up..... 
  .... The Critical Degree... The Chasm....the Force of the Spazm thrusts us out into a new Day, a new Game to Play....choose Carefully which Script you want to Read....the codes have been downloaded unbeknownst to you Over Aeons and Aeons and now corrode the Truth of Who You Are..... Don't accept their Paradigms..... Don't Play out the war crimes that are being Triggered in your Mind as you try to Find the Line of Least Resistance.... The Trick of Blissful Existence is to Keep the Tension Taut.... Don't seek comfort nor Sloth.... Dare yourself to Break the Shell of your Wildest Bare Self ...Birth thru Maat and Thoth the Kind and Joyful Embrace of All The Lost Pieces....Stepping off their Preconfigured Grid locked in with the beast ...laced with poison and dreams deceased ....they are dependent on your Imaginative Juices to Burgeon All Yous into a Solid Groove of Threadbare t r u t h
copyright Charleen Johnston