The Gag is on You

The Gag is on You
Your face is abased with idolatry 
of a dystopian Dream
A masked nightmare that weaves
Thru your seams
Sterilizing the fantasy
Of forgotten beliefs
Trodden beneath 
It Seems
The Gig is up
Your Space is laced with electronically
Monitored scripted scenes
A fascist Light staring at Genes
in programmed Streams
Of Slavery
It Deems 
Hivemind is the only means
Of Safety
For Yous and Mes
Paralyzed by lies
And frames of mind hypnotically
Induced to produce
Frenetic genetic antiseptic
The Freedom of the Self to Be
The Gag is on You
Any semblance of Sovereignty
Masking both the Will to See
And the Urge to Speak
As you fall in Line
And March thru Time
Forgetting the Future
You've Created
Through Hiding and Waiting
Cutting the Sutures
That Flesh has braided
To this Game
Begetting Infection 
With Shame and Blame
The Gig is Up
The System is Down
Now is the Chance
To Claim Your Crown
The Coronal Cataclysm
That Awakens the Vow
To Live Free
As a Being Who Sees
That Fleeing from Feeling
Is a recipe
For Slavery
In a CryptoCurrentSea of tethered 
That wear Faces and Names
Of You and Me
But assimilate the Program
UnMask your Face
From Medical Sleeves
Alas, the Grace
Shall set you Free .  

 copyright Charleen Johnston