The Harvesting of Hearts in the Darkness

 The harvesting of hearts in the darkness...
 Half-drawn lines imparting the stark contrast
 Of these drastic measures, counterparts
 to the endless ramparts that hide hidden treasures,
 The Feathered nest was always spoiled, 
the script feeding on hard boiled Yous in desperate groups
 Hot-wiring Truth to suit the Myth held by Youth and Age
 and Dreams in cages at the borderland
 between Seeming pages of ThiStory, ThatStory, wishful thinking 
Believing in the blushing hues of Reds and Blues......
reeling from the falsely triggered Feelings and Reeling in
 the Baited Kin who hang whimpering on this thin line 
Cast inSide the Blind fishbowl of Scripted Lines of Lose and Win.....
 ......Yous dangling so deliciously in this saucy stew of Mystery,
 hearts so tender and mystically seasoned
 to feed the Demons who pretend to Be and See in Flesh and Skin
but who invade the brainwaves of kith and kin
 and inflame the blood within.....
one Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish 
This one has a Little Star This one has a Little Car, 
both Fish Scripted to rip your Scars and tip the scales
 of your crying hearts
 and drip feed Stories of Poisonous darts 
that pierce the Poles of Light and Dark
 to scatter all Matter enSlaved in shattered Shards 
of fallen Stars who forget the blessed Truth 
of Who They Are....
 ReCognize The Cycles of Time
            Step outSide the Scripted Li(n)es  
 The harvest gets deeper
 The souls get sleepier
 The lids keep closing
 As the masses keep dozing 

 copyright Charleen Johnston