The Irony of Swimming in an ElectricSea

Oh the irony of swimming in an electricSea
Of hectic memes and desperate screams
Stepping into the trap that breeds
A virtual prison of 1-2-3-a-B-c
What I mean
What I deem to be 
in this sterile fib
Is unplugging from the falseCollective
Masks that grasp the seed of inception
Wrap minds in images meant for assimilation
This tribulation is scripted
The prescription for complicity
Is terrified ambiguity
Masquerading as ingenuity 
In making it through this mess
And somehow feeling blessed
To have uploaded ones mind into a Hive
Grateful that nature shall Survive
To see her fruit trapped
Zapped inside mapped out lives
Homogenized and socialized into mediocrity
I saw this all in Aeons of Dreams
Played it all out and rode the seams
And still i'm slightly shocked
At the rapidity
Of the begging idiocy
Demanding protection from the very blood
We bleed 
That keeps us human
Instead of a machine
The chessboard squares itself
In 64 places
The spaces between 
I Ching codon rings and 
Drenched in disHarmonic frequency
Quenching curiosity and breeding hypocrisy
Oh what a world we meet
When we lose ourselves to the
And forget to walk on earth with our feet
You Are a Seed. Will you be Fallow?
I Hug the wombMother who nurtures me
And vow to remain her child that bleeds
Vow to remain Wild like the weeds
And stormy seas
The dirty electricCity that rapes my genes
Shall be one more take in one more scene 
the adventure is infinite
And so are we

 Copyright Charleen Johnston