The Masses aghast at the tasks of the rat

art by Mani C Price
The masses aghast at the tasks of the Rat 
Appetizers fed thru the many Masks of Maat 
Have you been led to the edge of the map
Been read the pledge and tricked in the trap?
Swallowed by the sickness and the sadness 
And the scripted ripped-up madness and
The afflictions of the depictions of badness
Next to the Operants underCover in badges?
Course of Electric through the body politik
Is instantly captured in nerves soft and thick
Being picked like scabs and left to drip
Served on slabs & bloody strips of ClickClicks
Shall we enter once more into the Trance
The desperate drama of the disparate dance
Eagle and snake in a Synodic Romance 
Be Twixt the Twisting of the strands of chance
Swallowed by the Shadow and seeded in time
By the banks of the river of the giver of Mind
The ranks of the Soldiers bleed and bind
Early initiation for the Seeders of the Sine
Worm is the germ of the future Sperm
ReTune the gestating body and bring to term 
And birth the earth through this epiDerm
Remove unTruth and stand Free and Firm
YourSelf is the Kernel of sovereign spark 
From within the Void of Fertile Dark
this Drama unfolds like mold from the Oligarch 
Episode 10:45 in the Pen of the Script of Mark
of The masses endeared or indentured to fear 
The blasts of the trumpEts clash in the ears
Shadow masquerading as Other thru Years
Syndicate Saturating the SoU(i)L with Tears

 Copyright Charleen Johnston 

First word in each line makes a fractal of my rhyme