The Mysterious Masquerade

 The mysterious masquerade presents prime
Time to pry open lids of eyes deep and wide
To stare at the abyss that perches near this 
Open attack that works through black magic 
Eyes stitched shut and minds made mute 
Is the sleep too deep for the We to compute
Now is the Time to See thru the Game
The rules change but Players stay the same
Rush To remember What and Who you are
To waken the Warrior within your heart
Hush the voice of pre-programmed panic
Your Obedience feeds the need to be manic
Mind is the ingredient that seeds the Story
Is this twisted Plot the bliss of your glory 
How shall the dots be connected in Time
The neural synapses speaking in rhyme
Distraction by factions of fomenting fears
Of losing Illusions we've built thru the years
Disaster is the 'Death of Stars'... is who we are
Masks and moments of mindless Wars
The mouth of the Machine opens Wide
Infractions are infections oozing from inside
Of Collective Delusion that worships the hive
The devious destruction of dreams and Lives
Masters manipulate mass of men and women
Endowed with iClouds that shatter the hymen
With altered electromagnetic anaesthetic 
Sovereignty is Sacred and must be reClaimed
Over the bodies of the murdered and maimed
Your consent is the corral is the choice to be
Traumatized blindly in cycles of Dream
Cells are Selves that Want to Be Free....

Copyright Charleen Johnston 
 first word in each line makes a fractal of my rhyme