The Rationing of Awareness

 I have compassion for the rationing of awareness
The inability of folks to figure the patterns
And stare this
Glaring inconsistency
In the face and make a stand
To withdraw the consent
From insidious command
Over Ones spirit
The crowds are fearing the wrong
The panic of delusion is pandemic intrusion
Into the cellular script of collusion
Mitochondrial corrosion
As the implosion
Erodes the
Staring thru dark glasses
In Virtual Classrooms
Designed to incarcerate
as the farces
Raid the reCycled Dream
Isolating heretics from the
But We
Insert a splinter into the
To provoke the We
To reWeave the Seems
And unTangle the Angles
Of Perception
Of Me~s that bleed

 Copyright Charleen Johnston