The Stage has been Set

The stage has been set
The lights have been dimmed
The Poles have been polished
And programmed from Within
You're walking into the grand plan
Taking the bait on a string
Oh how simple the script is
When enacted by fearful beings 
The planners are not stupid
They knew that the hoax would be seen
And that the heretics would know
And that the masses would scream
And then when it comes to light
That the plot was a point well played
The scapegoats seemingly sacrificed
To satisfy the mass mind that prays
The real event will be unleashed
And now people unprepared
And all the heretics hammered
Even harder into the snare
They will say 'see these conspiracy nuts
Led you all into doom
We must shut down all divergent thought
And watch every movement in the room'
As the AI comes online 
And the New Reality takes hold
The problem reaction Solution
So time honored and old
Will be understood too late
By most who closed their eyes
The trap is an old dialectic 
Of sprinkling truth with lies
And many more will die in the second round
It's already been scripted
This is just a teaser , my friends
A short tug on the thread that's twisted
The communities have been polarized
The families have been split
One side or the other , my brothers
The war on the mind is Lit
The Real Estate of your Consciousness
The test of all tests today
To remove yourself from the fog
And free yourself from the fray 
This is a game you helped to create
This is a mirror you cannot escape
The difference between destiny and fate 
Is the difference between the map and gate
From one bait to the next 
The Fishies in the bowl are fed
Clinging to each newfangled string
Thinking each new tangled thread
Is the answer to the probing quest
The truth of all the crazy
But The true dancer in the final Test
Shall remove his Mind from the Mazes
And touch the Center of OneSelf
And step outside of Time
To Create a World not 'void-of-course'...
To reclaim the Frames of Ones Mind....

 Copyright Charleen Johnston