The t.ruth of Matter is Always Spoken C.omment.arrie

old pen/ink art 2003
it’s scary,      (So very scary, terrifying indeed)
I also tried to point that out     (such pointing, such creeds)
 to him years ago      (time, filtering through the seams)
and his sister      (the insanity, the long gone, the broken dreams)
and their group.   (the supposed, the unchosen, the strange fiends)
I explained how this has been used     (used so brutally, in Deeds)
 from the Nazi playbook   (fused and bruised and left to bleed)
of 1933                        (of all things, all times, all ways, all scenes)
 to stir up fear and loathing    (all intents, all purposes, all beliefs)
 but they balked                  (all shattered, none mattered, Relief)
at requests                       (elaborate assumptions, fantastic feats)
 for them to stop posting (dreadful drama from forgotton schemes)
things that were false.        (only the t.ruth of the Matter reDeems) 
They believe they are the ones    (oh, say it aint so, sweet queen)
 with a lock on consciousness     (tell me theres life in between)
 (shamans)                              (the unraveled strands and seams)
and reality                            (the traveled path of silent screams)
they are prophets and cannot be wrong.  (such clarity t.ruth feigns)
Face to face                          (breaking the shells of new seeds)
 pleas                                     (breaking the spirits of  fiery steeds)
don’t work as well                 (breaking the bonds of blind creeds)
 as I have tried                  (breaking the maker of blood that bleeds)

Sometimes you just have to let people go    (sometimes....)

Sometimes.....a Being is so used to lumping one thing
together with another
sister with brother
Self and Other
that the inability to restrain their Words
of accusation
as an attempt to sound so liberated
in this playStation
creates false memories of conversations
and blatant attempts at rationalization 
simple lies come forward out of mouths
that use fingers to form words
that a Being in t.ruth understands not
the reality their filter of perception 
has blurred.
 copyright Charleen Johnston