The TakeOver is easy when the Sheep are Sleeping

The headlines announce the scripted storyline
Takeover of sovereignty of Spirit and Spine
Is this Awakening or is this the SoulMine
Easy to .Pan.(ic)(in).Dem.(Ocrat).ic. Wartime
When the ManUfractured terror has passed
The remnants of the Limited System will crash
Sheep will seek and reap government grass
Are the clouds of confusion starting to pass?
Sleeping through the crossroads of choice
In stasis they waver with wounded voice 
The insidious paradigm is now being foisted
Electromagnetic attack with digital noise
Fields will falter as overt control will halter
The hearts and minds of sons and daughters
Resistance to tyrannical distorted EgoAlters
To Wake is to take back control of the Waters
Infection is injected by desperate dialectic
Of electrical storm against the magnetic
A shattering of the norm of the apathetic
Mind in a Bind is a form of anesthetic 
Virus begets wireless regrets tangled in nets 
Is the system overloaded with unpaid debts
Early defection and lucid perception resets
Detection by the Borg of spiritual incest
And now is the time and the time is Now
Understanding is demanding the whys of how
The sineWaves of Synergy build the towers
Powers the pattern and pollinates the flowers
You hold enfolded within you, the key
Wield your biofield and begin to Be.....

 Copyright Charleen Johnston 
 first word each line makes a fractal of my rhyme