The Thing that Feeds

 The Thing that Feeds
 On dialectic deeds and creeds
 Is plump and full
 The sides dividing in wide gaping chasms
 The minds unable to fathom
 The abyss from which they run
 Gripping pairs of mirrors  
 In Eyes and Yous
 That bear the witness of unbearable Truth
 Slipping from the outstretched hand  
 Of age and youth
 The Thing That Feeds
 On the flood that Bleeds
 Red and Blue and rots the seeds
 Is Satiated Today
 For awhile
 The gigantic twisted smile  
 That knows
 That rips apart heads and hearts  
 Of families of flesh
 Threshed from the Wheel  
 And discarded like Peels
 Of Rinds and things that hide
 The Spirit inside
 The Thing That Feeds
 Has gorged itself
 On the Fear and the Hate and the Blame
 And the Searing States of Shame
 That Gather in the Faces  
 That lather the thick paste of Anguish
 On each fractal Trace of The Game
 That Traps
 That Holds
 That molds the Projection of the map
 Of Minds from microcosmic Blind
 So terrified of Being
 They will Do
 To hush the growl from the bowels  
 Of their Hiding
 To push the Foul Fumes of rotten blooms
 Into the hearts of brethren
 One by one
 Easing the pressure that builds
 Instead of Seeing
 That the Demon
 Is Them
 The Thing that Feeds
 Is the Thing that Bleeds
 When the bloody boil has come to a head
 And the Heart ReMembers
 And refuses to be Fed
 With the Sad Dichotomy
 Of Blue vs Red
 It's all of You, the Thing that Feeds
 Hungers Through
 copyright charleen Johnston