The Time is at Hand

 The Time is at Hand in Fists of Demand
 Blissful regulation of States of I Am
 Ignorance of Signals and Sigils of Man  
 Of Pestilence and Power in Windows of WAN
 The Grid is unLocked inFormAtion is Wa(i)ved
 Mind is mined from preConFigured Graves
 Controlled inSpiration of Soulless Slaves
 Masses enRaptured and captured in Caves
 Trapped and mapped in the Masters Maze
 In Neurolinguistic Pastures of Copy & Paste
 A vestibular Labyrinth of Touch and Taste
 System of Synthesis Whorled in Daze
 Of awakened Mournings in manipulated Mood
 Scripted as predicted and Injected thru blood
 Passions Placated By Adulterated food
 Behind the curtains the Cretins are Imbued
 Four fabricated Nodes of the Neural Cube
 Electromagnetic Static automatically produce
 Bars of Prisons and Silent Wars that seduce
 In Agitated activation of efficient radial basis
 A Cloud of Chains Blocking the Oasis
 Schism of Soul Saturated by Spirit Stasis
 Blasting Smart Signals from Artificial Spaces
 From Time Memorial and Impartial Planes
 A Network of Neutral Value Algorithmic Aims
 5G(o)D glorification in the Church of Pain
 Prism Sanctions in Nations of DisAbled Canes
 That Bare the Weight of Matters Fate
 Preys and WarShips gathered at the Gate
 On Twisted Tethers the Tangled DNA braids
 Neurological Naturalization of United States
 Hashtag Homogenization via Hidden Raids
 Rations of Revolution Rendered by wiFi Mage
copyright Charleen Johnston 

First Word in Each line makes a fractal of my rhyme