The Trump card is the Wild Card

The Trump Card is the Wild Card
That plays amongst the Glorious Shards
That twist themSelves into Stars
And refract the facts of WhoWeAre
Playing Games of Growing Glows
Synoptic Salutations of Yes&No
In&Out&Up&Down&Here&Now we Go
Thru Ether Films of Fantasy
Shifting Light of You~s & Me~s
Taking Time and Stitching Seams
Into Scripted Twisting Dreams
Interference is inherent and appears 
As aParent in this Vale of Tears
Amplified and polarized into Sides
Double Split Slit to Categorize the Tide
The Synodal Vote will energize the Rise
Of Lids from Eyes which undergo
Anodic Dance with Cathode diode flow
Inside the trance and the Trip of We
Hiding Magnets within Fields of Electricity
The womb of the Waters birthing Seeds
The Cross of the Cosmos perpetually 
Arising Aries fiery Impulse to Be
On the Disk Til the Fish Returns to Sea?
I AM.....a R.andomA.ccessM.emory
In the Drive to Find the Hard Rind
That covers the Lovers embraced InSide
A Byte of the Apple and a Rite of Way
A Light in the Darkness Living to Play
For the Joy of Discovering Eternally
Which is Which and Who is Me?
Infinite Glitch in the System of Sound
The Shiva Destroyer of Stitches Unwound
 Copyright Charleen Johnston