The Words are Written on the Scroll

 The words are written on the Scroll
 The cowards chastise with Silent Scold
 The indignant frowns of frightened clowns
 Who've forgotten the sight and sound of soul
 Masquerade as appointed Saints...
 condemn with enmity the unfettered Face
 And twist their terror up into burdens...
 Certain their concern for the herd is pertinent
 To the continuance of the human Race
 The Scroll is inCessant
 In cesspools of blessed dissent that strips  
 The walking monument bare
 Tears the lessons from the grips of talking heads
 with inverse stares
 Glaring at the undisturbed players
 And swearing their prayers have been wearing  
 Their sins
 Too loosely
 Too muzzled to reMember what life was and is
 Puzzling figments of favorite wishes
 That glow in Sees so full of fishes
 That all who perceive the Dream Shall Eat
 All who Scroll shall Feed their Souls
 Both old and News in pairs of truths
 Held together by AssUmptIons of youth
 Held to gather with no contact of Yous
 Yeah, You
 InTernal Care Units
 Muting the beautiful smooth glare of.....who? 
 Copyright Charleen Johnston