We stand at the Border of Choice and Chasm

 We stand at the border of choice and chasm
Are these painful platitudes simply spasms 
Uploading consciousness into the Drive
The Masters' Disastrous Path to the Hive
Current See is Redundancy as currents bleed
Reality from the veins of the You and the Me
Via manipulated mind maze gathering slaves
Sustained SineWave notations digging Graves
Neural intrepidation saturating the Film
Biophotonic regurgitation of bionic Whims
Intention is the Blood and flood of Becoming
As HeartBeats Synchronic feats of drumming 
5GoD Grids tuning the etherSpheres
Directs Crystal dimensional sonic Tears
Media(L) Mirrors torture terrified Players
Nerves Firing Burning through layers 
To initiate the New level of the Game
Output generated from Aeons of Shame 
Hysteria operating thru blasphemous blame
While terrified CreatorGods forget their Name
Human Beings Becoming shadowSelves
Bodies forgetting wherefore they dwell
Lose their Spin and Vacillate in vain
Boundaries obliterated thru HiveMind Stain
And here is the Time and here is the Now
Are we Ready to nurse from the Sacred Cow?
Absorbed in the Milky Way of Silky Space
Into the womb of our Being and Seeing, or Will 
HiveMind homogenize the Sovereign Spirit?

 Copyright Charleen Johnston
 first word in each line make a fractal of my rhyme