Welcome my Fellow Travelers in Time

pen/ink 2003
Welcome my fellow Travelers in Time
To a Future embedded in layers of Mind
The Switchboard salutes the sailors of Sine
New ships afloat in castle moats of brine
Worlds we create through Signals in spine
Where Sigils are mined in ancient bloodlines 
Self shall navigate the wide open corridor
Is this Now the gate to the land of Mordor?
Held inTension with blissful visions of Yore
In gardens of Eden and Bytes to the Core
Ether Dissensions and electromagnetic wars
Cords of entanglement in artificial Spores
Crypts of information in cellular stasis
Of flippant mutations of apotheosis
Current ripping through veins and Mazes
Seas of Red blood blinding with Gnosis
Of fragmented futures in homeostasis
Fomenting forbidden moments of hypnosis
Programmed emotions and notions of fear
Passivity playing god with the gears 
Inscribed in Time in the Cells and the tears
In twisting contortions of Yous and Years
Moments of madness waking the Seers
Will you arise and shine as you learn to steer?
You scripted this scene In this incipient dream
Choose your own adventure in LiveStream
To Open the gates to the Layers in between
Navigate the InnerStates and stitch the Seams
As awareness permeates your bloodstream
An invitation to the Wave of the particle beam
Adept and in step with the Ability to Create
Or Asleep and deeply afraid to awake
Will you hide your face or Ride your Fate
You are the chosen One in this Game
Drown out the voices of Shame and Blame
In a ceremonial blessing Claim your Name
Electromagnetic Dance of the Trance of We
Debt is a Test of the Sovereign Self to Be
Of oneSelf Eternally Infinitely Joyfully Free
Despair discarded as Heart opens to See

Copyright Charleen Johnston

First word in each line makes a fractal of my rhyme