What if…

 What if
The script depends upon a practice run,
 and all the proactive efforts
 are not for this appetizer 
but for the main meal,
 the co-IntelPro.Grammatically sealed 
into the InDie.T.Mentes (inTwoCrossed/SplitMinds)
And both Sides of the Chessboard are Played
To Manipulate the FutureMaze of the Way ...
What if
Every Headline is a Neurolinguistic TriggerPoint
to Massage the Masochistic Menagerie
 into mechanical reciprocity 
when the Time Comes....
What if 
The same hand is working the Strings 
of the Black and White King
 and the Squares on the Board are being Tested
 and Awareness Arrested into complicity....
And when it's finally real(i)zed 
that the entire RiseAndFall of the Tide that BeLies
the dis.Ease was a cleverly Nested System of Deciet... 
The mAsses will pass into apathy 
and when the Real Game Begins 
will not be prePaired with their nightMares 
and dayStares 
and the size of their Fears will Grow
 into unKnown proportions
 thru the Ghastly glare of distortion....
What if
In the zoomed out Lens 
as far as One can Go, 
the hand that operates the Puppet
 has a Touch and a Texture that Feels 
Just Like Your Own?
What if
When the Mirror Shatters 
and the fears scatter and the Pieces Gather, 
the Memory of the script of this dream 
rips right thru the slippery seams 
that keep the Web entangled but dangling loose 
and the aWakened I 
reMembers its design
 and knows it Chooses
 Copyright Charleen Johnston