When the Self Created Dream abated

photo by Riordan Galluccio
When the Self created Dream abated
The Black and White Kings sat checkmated
Mirror Masters marveled and debated
Shattered the Mind of the Pawns who waited
The Mobius Strip of the ripped up seams
Pieces of Me's and of You's and of We's
Scattered amongst the Stars and the Streams
And Ancient beliefs of Souls need to redeem
Hid the key in the heart of the maze
In a desperate dance of the means and ways
The poles that power the passion of the Play
Darkness and Lightness in orgies of Gray
Of mystery and mastery and music and time
Mind fractures the rapture in cycles of rhyme
NOW is the Playground of Jester and Mime 
Is the magical Mystery where Hearts entwine 
The Game is as old as the Spirit is New 
Time is a treasure that twists into Clues
To Matter is to Measure in Moments of You
Gather the shattered shards of Truth
And Dance with the Demons of dying embers
Find the center in the mind who remembers
The game that we made and ignite the tinders
Fragments and splinters that burn in cinders 
We are the Phoenix who ever-reclaims
Left to the right in a fight for the flame
Behind the lines of the Timeless Game
.be. What you are. Learn your true name.

 Copyright Charleen Johnston

First Word in each Line makes a fractal of my rhyme