You are Essentially an Electromagnetic Battery

2020 winter solstice sunrise from Edith Gap Overlook
 You are ... 
an electromagnetic Battery...
 A Torus Field .... 
An Infinte
       Free Energy 
          Alchemical Lab
 that can Generate its own perfect 
Health and Joy. 

Everything you've been taught
 in the Mainstream Script Timeline
 is inverted. 
There are very few 
basic needs .... 
And one of these
 is Grounding Oneself in Earth.... 
The soles of ones feet are fractal Foundations 
and Function as one pole
 of your SovereignSelfMagnet.
 It is Essential
 for the connection between your body
 and Earth
 and Ground
 to happen, and in conjunction with Sunlight
 on your Skin and in your Eyes. 
With feet on earth and Sun on skin... 
You Charge your Vehicle. 

Pure and Energized Water
 is absolutely vital.... 
Water is Alive, and has been held
with poisonous programming. 
Air and the act of breathing 
with awareness and Intention
 is akin to Magic.
 With Breath 
you can unlock your own inner

You contain everything
 in Existence 
    within your Body. 
Your Mind
 Steers with Intent. 
Your Nervous System
    is the most technologically advanced
 Integral quantum Computing System .... 
Learning to use it....
 You will be ReMembering that You
 are Beyond Powerful
 here in this CoCreative Dream
 and Dynamic Dance
 on the Cosmic Chessboard....

 Challenging and Pushing the Body 
and Emotions 
    and Will 
develops ones Capacity to Hold Charge.
 Like a battery...
...if there is no Juice, 
there is no Will
 nor Joy 
     nor Aliveness....
there is enervation and dis-ease
 and desperation and dependence
 on temporary Satiations that lead
 to further loss of Charge.  

 Spending time 
with as much skin to Sun contact as possible ,
 in nature, 
Feet to Earth, 
Breathe to Heart
 In Awareness, 
With Pure Water ..... 
Will help you Be the best version
 of yourSelf in this Play, so.... 

Let the Ninjapocalypse Unfold
      And Let's Enfold a New Script
 from between the Seams of this Dying Dream
 and Rebirth the EarthSeeds 
in Selves of Radiant Wild Warrior Beings.
 Copyright Charleen Johnston