Your many Splendored Soul

photo by Riordan Galluccio
 Your many splendored soul is on fire
 Whole galaxies of growth inside the wire
 Life inTense ships in Trips spinning higher
 Has tipped the scales in the pit of the mire
 Been on a Journey that split from within
 An open doorway born from silent sin
 Inoculation of Sensation as Time begins
 Against the Flow as the Knowing descends  
 Itself just a reference in points of Time
 The Particle playing in Waves of Rhyme
 Vital vestibules on voluptuous Vines
 Flow thru glowing holes in fractured Minds
 Of manifest Destiny and deep tests of Fate
 Blood and Flesh the Blessed keys to Gates
 And waiting Wonders the We Will Incubate  
 Knowing Light is the Life that Germinates
 Insulated within these skins of Sound
 From the Great Mystery in Motion is Found
 The fabulous Fortune that spins Around
 Warm Wells of Water Deep UnderGround
 Teat of The Goddess who Sleeps in Stages
 Of Waking and Taking the Aches and Rages
 The poisonous Plagues thru Aeons and Ages
 Mother of Man and of Mystics and Mages
 Matter of Fact and Maker of Mirrors
 Matrix of Motion and Taker of Tears
 Maat is Measurer and Waker of Seers
 That Forge the Fountain and Turn the Gears
 Has your Seed of Self Broken through?
 Born of Essence in the Heart of You?
 You and I and All InSide of Wide Truth?
 Here and Now In Vows of Age and Youth?
 From this Moment the Mind Shall Flourish
 The Body Shall Bind and Soul Shall Nourish
 Spirit shall Sing as the Mother Shall Furnish
 In EverPresent Now These Cycles shall Turn  
 Will and Wonder and Whispers of Sight
 And delicious discovery of dancing delight
 Intent of Sense in Laughing Lens of Light
 If One can ReMember Eternal BirthRight
 You are the Me that Seams in BeTween
 Sterilize the Blind Lies and come Clean  
 YourSelf is the Reason Seas and trees Dream
 And NowHere is sweetest when Love is Seen
 Cower Not and Free your Sovereign Song
 Your aMazing Play is a Right to the Wrong
 Seed of Bleeding Needs that seem to belong
 Will this Space and Time and Carry it Along
 Never Stopping and never Asking Why
 Flower in towering Tides in the Sky
 And Wander thru Worlds with widening eyes  
 Will the Wheel and Feel the Real inSide
 Be the Radiant Star That you are
 Trapped no longer in trauma and scars
 In this maze of mirrors and waged wars
 Stasis is wasted Bliss in Blocked Pores
 In unOpened Eyes in unOpened I's
 Fallow Figments of Mind Disguise  
 Fields of Freedom as Electric Lies
 Magnetically manipulating Masters of Time.
 Copyright Charleen Johnston
 First Word in Each Line Forms a fractal of my rhyme