Your Wonder has been Wounded

Your Wonder has been Wounded and Hides
Whole Universes of Joy Trapped inside
Life split off from the Toroidal Tides
Has this Timeline been fractured and mined?
Been turned against its own kindred Kind?
An overlay of dismay injected by Blind
Inoculation of Information meant to Bind
Against the Immensity of Power that Hides
Itself within these Cells that Dwell and Tell
The Stories of the sacred sovereign Selves
Vital Verities that venture into vast realms
Flow like glowing Gods on waves of whim
Of wandering whispers fomenting Flesh
Blood bestowing beauty in Floods Fresh
And blessed by Ancient tests of Will
Knowing and sowing the Seeds that Instill
Insulated Integrity within the Wheel of Time
From Moments and Magic and Mirrors of mind
The Waking to Wisdom is taking its Toll
Warm winds of freedom begging for Souls
Teat to defeat the lethargy of the Lie
Of the desperate dance of I and Thy
The Dynamic Drama that unwinds the Ties
Mother of Manifestation of earth and sky
Matter entangled with music of mind
Matrix of Mastery in Bodies that bind
Maat to Thoth and Reason to Rhyme
That is the Cloth that is woven in Time
Has this cycle climbed to its powerful peak
Born of the Word we must learn to Speak
You and I and All Unfolding Fractal Flowers 
Here in this Maze to Claim our Pure Power
From the Illusions of Separation and Sleep
The Sovereign Self will Rise from the Deep
Spirit of The Play of Mystery of Night and Day
Of the black and white and shades of gray
Will We remember this Song and sing along
And Forgive our Forgetting and finally belong 
Intent to relent from the reflections of fear 
If you tend to mending the minds many tears
You waken to Wonder and Refuse the lies
Sterilize the disguise and empower the Eyes
YourSelf is the Sacred Story of Sight
And Freedom to Dream is the Souls Delight
Cower not in this sour hour of Rotting Rind
Your Deeds are the Seeds that fertilize Mind
Seed and Read the Script between the Lines
Will the Sacred Fields be Vitalized in Time
Never Refute the Deep Power of your Heart
Flower in this hour and ReMember your Part
And carry the torch of the sacred Flame
Will and Intent are the Tools of this Game
Be Ready to cast off the chains of Blame
Trapped no longer in the Torture of Shame
In the Center of the Circle IT Always IS
Stasis and Gnosis in Balance of Bliss
In Waves radiating out from the centraL Kiss
Fallow Filaments of Fugue Pretend to Exist 
Fields full of Figments of fabulous Twists
In SineWaves of Wonder Dancing through This
Timeline of Revelation of Realitys Demand
That Challenges All Of Life to Innerstand
Loops that entrap in Memorys magic mirror
Upon the alter of the Allegations of Error
Itself a Diversion of the Designs of terror
Repeating the Dream and Birthing the Bearer
The Distorted Dilemma of failing to Bring
Trauma to the Surface to Heal the Sting
Of the seperate Self clipper of Wings
Fear of the Full Magnificence of Being
Of creating Worlds and weaving Dreams
Knowing the Stitcher is Inside of the Seams
The Dancer and the Dance of Eternity
Full of Forever and Infinitely Empty
Power and Passion in Playful Embrace
And Magic and Mystery in Time and Space
Immensity of Body Intensity of Mind
Of Nothing and Everything of All One Finds
Who is the Seer and Who is the Seen
And Where is the Wearer In Between
What is Birthed and what remains to Be
You are infinitely Open and Eternally Free
Are you ready step into the power of Creation
An open invitation through sacred sensation 
Infinite scope of Indefinite Conjecture
Star in the Sky of Imaginations projections
In the pangs of labor the Mother shall bless
A waking World wallowing in Stress
Dance of dilemma trembling In fear
In delivery the slavery shall disappear 
A Jestervolution in The Playful Prelude
Dream Descending from Deep Altitude 
Of infinite recesses of Being and Becoming 
Your Memory Motioning Magic Homecoming
Own your Tones and Tunes and treasures
Creation is a Blessing of Pain and Pleasures

 Copyright Charleen Johnston

First word in each line makes a fractal of my rhyme