War.torn mission

Art by Vali Meyers

⭐️✨From this day 2016✨⭐️

Last night had an epic adventure; I am on a hovering craft/or helicopter like vehicle and watching a war torn area, so much carnage. There are some kind of documents that are vital to whoever i am working for….and we are not associated with either side of the war/battle. A man volunteers to retrieve the documents and I feel relieved it wasnt me, as I know there is slim chance of success. But we watch from above as, even though he succeeds in getting the documents, he never makes it out of the battle zone back to us, he is taken down by a bullet from above. We see him fall. We know that it is unlikely the ‘enemy’ knows he has documents of import, and so we have to now retrieve the documents/tapes from the mans body before his body is found and the documents removed.. I know there is a high chance of death, but I also know that this is only one Reality of many, and so I feel compelled to help whoever it is that has brought me here. I go down into the battle zone and after a long while make my way to the mans body. I see people shot down all around me. Once I get the stuff from him, have to navigate very sketchy scenarios. Lots of overheard war planes and helicopters, there are snipers. It was a somewhat barren scene, with sparse trees. Found myself, with Oisin (who I brought with me because he was needed in order to get into the school/building we were trying to get to to drop off the documents…without alerting suspicion), having to take cover inside an army barracks. I have no idea who either side fighting were. We get spotted by a young man, and I manage to convince him to keep quiet, that we will certainly be killed or held hostage if found, and we need to get out of the battle zone. He has a wound on the left side of his neck, as if he had been skimmed by a bullet or something, He communicates that he has a medical examination within the next 24 hours and will be in a convoy leaving the base, and may be able to get us off if we can stay clear til then. So he shows us where to hide. And leaves. We climb up on these tall shelves, hide behind a bunch of supplies etc, hoping not to be spotted and having no idea how long we will have to be there. I can see from where I am a sort of courtyard, somewhat barren, but a few bushes and benches. Now and then I see some person running trying to get past the battle zone or out of the encampent, and they are picked off by a sniper. I had thought about trying to navigate out without help but realize its a death wishe. So I manage to keep Oisin quiet and still for so long. Then a group of soldiers come in, as if heading back to the from duty. They are all young. a whole bunch of stuff happens while Im watching them, then two of the men see us. I convey to them that we are awaiting one of their fellow men to help us, and they say they will help too. They feel sorry for us. None of them want to be there. More and more time goes by, finally we are instructed by the young man to get inside the small freezer there, because it will be transported off base with the convoy….and we may be able to clear it if hidden inside. I debate this, and the percent chance of surviving just being in the freezer. I face it and we climb in, I give oisins my jacket. We squish inside and wait. We can feel ourselves being carried by the men then in the trucks then finally out of the battle zone. This all takes a long time to take place. Eventually we are out, and instead of going on to his intended medical examination, the boy comes with us, to help. We get a car and know we have to avoid being spotted by any police or army or other control agents. We make our way to a small town, where we have to gather supplies and get food, but have no money or belongings. So I have to debate stealing food, which I dont want to do, but finally decide that I have to feed my son at least. So then we leave and the boy ends up caught amidst all this, and charged with trying to leave without permission and all that crazy stuff. He seems to give me an address and some stuff. A bunch more time passes in the car driving and driving and thinking and analyzing. Find ourselves on a long dirt road, out in the middle of nowhere. There is a very large house in the distance behind some trees, with all the lights on. I think what a waste of electricity. We end up there. Sneak inside the house, me trying to keep oisin quiet and not wake the people, the last thing we need is to be arrested. After exploring and finding a particular bedroom, I leave a box with a few old photos and a letter on the bed. These are from the young man who had been with us, it seems this may be his parents/family and he has asked me to get this message to them. Im aware the people know we are in the house, and probably have called the cops…..so Im rushing oisin, and trying to get out before they show up. We make it, and end up in a small cafe/shop a little later. Im trying to feed oisin again. I see a stand with handmade mugs…beautifully crafted. I realize they are similar to one I have. The name on the tag says something like ‘ocello’. A young man makes conversation with me about the mugs. He then offers to buy me a coffee in one, as does the man behind the serving counter. I graciously accept, and i choose my mug. it is tall and has a leather binding outside for the heat. It is beautiful brown and the leather insulation is magnetic, with several square magnet tiles with symbols and words that I am moving around, appreciating the beauty of the mug and the sweetness of the man. I ask him if he would like to have lunch with oisin and I outside before we head off on the rest of our journey. I cant recall if he accepts or not, it is clear his motives were simply to help me on my way and be compassionate. I think back to the young boy who helped us get out of the battle zone and realize with sadness that I believe he has been killed after getting captured.

Left out a whole bunch of details but that was the gist

⭐️✨From 1-27-2016✨⭐️

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